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bosphorus cymbals



Aaron Sterling

These come in 20 and 22, and are not just different sizes of the same thing. They have slightly different specs, with the 22 having a  much smaller bell. These are basically a modified traditional with tighter lathing, and in a specific weight range. I'd call both the 20 and 22 a medium thin weight, with the 22 on the higher end of med-thin. To my ear, because of the tighter lathing and the weight, have a more focused overall tone, and lesser complexity. They have a clear stick tone, with excellent control. There is no real wash bloom, and that smaller ball in the 22 is part of what keeps that focused and in check. Since many of Agop's cymbal other offerings are on the thin side, these rides are more versatile, especially when the music gets a little louder. This is at the expense of a little crashability, BUT no cymbal can do everything, and there are plenty of models for that - essentially the REST of Agop's catalog.