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bosphorus cymbals

sonor drums




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 I'd love to see YOUR pics, and I bet others would too, so please send 'em my way!

OK, so Daniel's picture isn't so much of his cymbals, but you gotta admit, the view is nice. :)

Arn writes: Tony, I finally got around to making a snapshot of the new church kit, with the Bosphorus. Though you might like to see it.
Recall back last November we put this together:
22 Turk Med 3113
20 Antique thin- w/ rivets
18 Masters 1216
11 Trad Splash 316
17 Antique 1216
14 Trad Med Hats
I haven't gotten the splash mounted yet - between the 18 Masters and the 17 Antique I really haven't needed much more. Playing this kit is like riding a thoroughbred; it'll walk, trot and canter with the lightest touch and when 'ya want to gallop it responds instantly and runs like the wind.   
 Thanks for your help.

John writes:
Sweeeet!  I'm lovin' my new Paistes,  Tony.  Thanks!!!  On the left is the 19" Dark Energy Crash and on the right side is the 22" Dark Energy Ride Mark II and the 20" Traditional Thin Crash.  All these cymbals ride and crash well.  They all sound great!  Right now I have a 15" pair of Zildjian Sweet Hats, which are nice, but I hope to soon round out this Paiste set with the  15" Traditional Hi Hats or possibly the 14" or 15" Dark Energy Hats.  Thanks again!

Michael sends this great, warm-toned pic, and these comments:

This is my small room set up with 6x12 snare, 13" floor tom, 16" kick, and for the bronze: 13" Bos Regular turk hats, 17" Agop Turk crash, and 19" Agop
Vezir Jazz Ride.
What can I say about the cymbals you've sold me (including not pictured a 19
bos masters flattie)? They are inspiring instruments and your site made it
very easy to pick out the sounds I was looking for!
Thanks again Tony!


Daniel sends this pic, and exclaims how much he enjoys playing his Agop signatures. Thanks for the pic, Daniel!!

If you could see a view from the driver's seat, Jim would be pleased if you noticed that the green Agop signature logos, color-matched to the finish on his new Gretsch! Obviously the sound is wonderful, and the color is a bonus! :)

Keith comments: As promised, here's a picture of my gig kit with my Istanbuls. The drums (and hardware) are standard Sonor 3005 full maple kit (Autumn Fade), with a Pearl Sensitone Brass snare.
Here's the skinny on the cymbals:
14" Agop Sultan Top (Zildjian Quick Hat Bottom)
10" Mehmet Sultan Splash
12" Mehmet Sultan Splash
16" Mehmet Crash (played as a crash/ride)
All and everything sounds wonderful, works like a charm.
More soon, thanks again for all of the personal sales attention!

Simon writes:

Thanks for the hats they arrived the morning my band was going into the studio to record!! They sound beautiful, just what I was after. Anyhow here's a pic of my kit

14" Bos Light trad hats
18 Paiste Sig full crash
22" Bos wide ride or 20" Paiste sig dark full (for louder stuff)
18" Paiste 2002 crash
22" A Zildjian pang (crazy old thing)sometimes changed or stacked with 20" china trash


Davey sends me this pic, and if you look carefully, you can make out most of what's listed:
14" Bos Masters Hats
22" Bos Masters Flat Ride
24" Bos Masters Ride - dubbed the "Best cymbal in the history of the world"
22" Bos Masters Turk Ride
20" Bos Trash Crash

Ellis says:
Hi- Quite difficult to everything into one photo: Drums are Rosewood Premier Artist Maples: 12", 13" hanging toms, 14", 16" floor toms, 20" bass and 14" custom snare. Premier/Pearl hardware.
(from left) Cymbals are Zildjian 14" A Custom hats, 16" K Dark Crash Thin, 20" A Custom Flat Top Ride* (with sizzler 'chain'), 10" K Custom Dark Splash, 19" K Dark Crash Thin*, 14" K Dark Crash Thin, 11" FX Oriental Trash Splash, 20" Z Custom Projection Crash [above], 22" K Custom High Definition Ride*, Bosphorus 21'" Masters Ride* and 24" New Orleans Swish*.
I'd very rarely use the whole lot, usually just * which I like the most and are the most jazzy.  Both Bosphorus cymbals are great, thanks, and the Masters works really well as either a ride or a crash.

Karl sends this pic of his new hats, with a 21 Mel, barely making it into the frame, and writes:

“I love the new hats, they are so earthy, they show me the most natural sound of cymbals, just my K Custom Dry Light Ride…They fit so well, thanks Tony thanks! The perfect Jazz hats for me!”


JP kindly forwarded me this super pic of him behind his kit - full of Bosphorus!

(Those who know me personally are aware of my love of baseball hats, so I especially like this shot! :P ) tc


Tim writes:

Hey Tony! The ride came today and I love it so much. I'm really glad I went with the new orleans 'cause, hearing it in person, it was just the sound I wanted. My set is complete now, and I am a happy boy. :)

I attached a picture of the cymbals for your gallery. They're beautiful.

14" Traditional dark hats
20" New Orleans ride
22" Traditional thin ride



Matt says:

Hey Tony,  I just got the 21 SE Ride.  It's killin!!  Exactly the sound I was looking for.  It's the perfect contrast to my 22 Turk.  Thanks again for being so willingly helpful!! 

Left to right: old 13" Ufip slash, 14" old A hats, 21" SE ride, 22" Jazz Turk, 20" Sig ride, upper right- home made cymbal lamp!


Andrea is pictured here (in case you can't tell by the eclipse), with a 15" A Zildjian sweet hi hat, 17" A Zildjian med-thin crash, 8" A Zildjian splash, 21" A Zildjian sweet ride and a 22" K Con flat with three rivet cluster.

Jordan sends this pic, and writes:
Over the past year, I've been putting together my perfect Jazz Set. It's a silver sparkle Gretsch set. The toms are from the early 70s and the bass drum is a reconditioned "round badge" drum from the 60s. The snare drum is a Ludwig Black Beauty.

Sizes are:
* 5.25" x 14" Black Beauty snare (with Remo Fiberskyn Ambassador head)
* 8" x 12" Tom (with Aquarian American Vintage head)
* 12" x 14" Floor Tom (with Aquarian American Vintage head)
* 16" x 20" Bass Drum (with Aquarian American Vintage head)

Cymbals are:
* 13" Agop Mel Lewis Hi Hats
* 19" Bosphorus Turk Ride w/Rivets
* 21" Bosphorus Masters Ride
* 20" Meinl Byzance China w/Rivets

Shinya sends me this super-way-cool pic of his cocktail kit:

I've had the 16 Agop Turk for a few weeks now, and I LOVE IT!

Thanks again for helping me make the right decision!!
Attached is the portable kit I fashioned it out from a 14x14 shell, and it's sorta like a sit-down cocktail kit, with an internal snare beneath the top head.  I use it as the main snare/bass drum (photo 1), or as a floor tom/bass with a separate 12" snare.  It's a great setup for tight venues.

Peter writes: Hey, managed to get a pic of the 22" Masters Turk Ride in my new set up! sounds great with the others! full spec:

Premier Artist Birch -18" Bass, 12", 14" Toms, 14" Ludwig Brass Snare

22" Masters Turk Ride

20" Masters Flat Ride

19" Masters Crash Ride

14" Paiste 602 Hats

Much thanks again, I have recommended u to every drummer that has said "ooh, that's awesome, where did u get that?"!!!

Thanks Peter!!


As I promise you I just send to you some pictures of my drumset.

Legend to picture: (back over view):


Cymbals: Zildjian K/Z Hi-Hat 13", Sabian AA Medium Thin Crash 17", Zildjian A Splash 6", Zildjian K Splash 8", Sabian HH Medium Ride 20", Sabian HHX Manhattan Crash 18".

Drums: Pearl Session Custom Maple Snare 14" x 5,5", Yamaha Stage Custom - 22 x 16" Bass, 8 x 8", 10 x 9" and 14 x 12" Toms.



Magnus has quite a bit of cymbals surrounding his Mapex kit, and sends this pic to prove it! There's a great variety of pieces here, ranging for Zildjian As and Ks to Sabians and Paistes.

Wow, besides sending the great pic, Robert writes:
I wanted to show you my umbrella of agops over my Little Gretsch Bop Kit.
Man what choices I have now. These are like a big happy family of cymbal delight.
Thanks again for providing the best  playing, soundfiles, and service in the business!
Left to right: AGOP-15" custom sig. hats, 16" sig. crash, 19" sig. crash ride, Turk 10" splash, 22" SE trash hit, 24" sig ride, 19" sig flat ride, 18" sig china.

Demir shares this pic of his set, flanked in so great Agop Turks:

I visit your site all the time checking out the new stock of Bos, and Agops. I'd sure like to update my pics to display the incredible Agop Turks I purchased from you. These unique cymbals are as smooth as glass and have a
wonderful tone.

Agop Turk 22" Regular Ride
Agop Turk 14" hats
Agop Turk splash


I received the Istanbul Agop 22" SE.
Just like you said, "She's got some great character!". There's so much
going on with this cymbal and different spots and sticking bring them out - sooo complex. I think it'll sound even better with time as it gets 'tamed'!

Attached  are  pictures  of  my  Jazz  set (Gretsch silver sparkle) with
my new cymbals.
 From left to right: 14"  k Zildjian High Hats, 20" old Paiste 602's
with one rivet, 22" Istanbul  Agop Se and a 20" Bosphorus Masters flat.

Thanks and enjoy!



Alain's got a little bit of everything here: A 14 Sabian Paragon Hat, 20 Bosphorus Versa Ride, 16 and 17 Paiste Signature Fast Crashes, and WuHan China.

Hey Tony - a photo for you!

My little 'quality not quantity' beginners' kit.  Who needs toms?! The cymbals are - Bosphorus Stanton Moore Fat Hats 14", Meinl Byzance Dark Crash 16" and 18" Mehmet Vezir Crash/Ride.  Beats some 9-piece balsa wood kit with a b8 cymbal pack any day!

The cymbals have warmed up beautifully already!  


Mike shares this pic of his kit, an takes us through the rundown:

starting from the left to the right we have:
bos 10" trad  splash
bos 8"   antique splash
zil. k custom 20" ride
bos 20" antique ride
zil. k custom 18" crash
zil. k custom 14" hats


Helge and I have very similar cymbal tastes, in both cymbals and drums, and I wish I had the space to show you all the amazing pics he's sent me of his kits. This particular pic, offering a view gazing upon the cymbal landscape, I found to be pensive, offering they eye a chance to ponder at just how far does the cymbal rift extends. Not unlike the view of the ocean...ocean of bronze, that is! :)

Kurt actually had this pictured kit in the car, when he came through and picked cymbals one day on his way, literally across the country.

"Pictured here is a Gretsch 10x7, 12x8, 14x14 and 20x16, featuring a 20" Versa Ride, 18" Versa Crash and an absolutely outstanding 18" Istanbul Agop that I put three rivets in.  There's also a 14" Versa Hats (and they are as you say, KILLER!), 18" Antique crash, 16" Antique crash, 10" Gold Splash, 8" Gold splash that you just sent me (very cooooool) and a 6" Istanbul Alchemy Bell." 


Thanks for the cymbal, I love it!  I just received it yesterday and can't stop playing it, because it sounds so good.  Here's a picture of my setup, which (clockwise) consists of a pair of 14" A custom mastersound hats, an 18" K medium thin dark crash (w/ 2 Bosphorus rivets), the 22" masters-turk ride, a 16" K thin dark crash, and a 20" K medium ride (which I probably won't be using much anymore thanks to the master-turk ride), with my Gretsch USA maple kit. 
I also wanted to thank you for all of your help and for your website.  Now, I know a lot more about cymbals, and I have a much better ear for them.  I'll keep checking your website for other cymbals.  Thanks again, John


Dag sent me this pic of his Sabian, cymbal pyramid, and says:
My ride arrived yesterday and it was beautiful and HEAVY! :)
Thanks so much again Tony.
I'll be back shopping more cymbals later! :)

Brett send this pic of his kit, along with his comments about the new baby!:

Thanks For the Bosphorus Masters 18" Flat Ride I love its Dry Earthy Sound, It sounds Sweet!


Here's a pic of my drumset. It's a pearl flake Gretsch.  I am sporting seven cymbals:

13" Bosphorus Turk hats
18" Bosphorus Master crash
6"   Bosphorus Antique splash
20" Bosphorus Gold ride
18" Sabian B8 series crash/ride (last left from beginner pack)
22" Bosphorus Hammer china
22" Bosphorus Turk flat ride

This is my rock kit and it is almost complete.  As soon as I can get that sabian replaced I will be content.

Thanks a bunch with all you have helped me with, you have made my drumming experience much more enjoyable.



Chuck writes: Here is my vintage and now rare Pearl Rototom drum kit resplendant with Bosphorus Glory ....  Left to right as near as i can tell ...
14" traditional bright and crisp hats
15" King Dark Crash ... oddly shaped like a china ... nice quick crash and
22" Hammer .... jeez is it trashy ! .... when in doubt dig into the hammer !
18" Antique Fast Crash
24" Masters Traditional Ride
24" Masters Turk
Bosphorus cymbals are a drummers dream come true .... my drummer friends that play my kit get fixated on the cymbals ... don't give a crap about the rarity of the Pearl~Roto~Toms ...

The 24" Master Rides always stop everybody dead in their tracks ... they
can't believe what they are hearing ...


Just wanted to send a picture of my new wonderful Gretsch  Broadkaster  : )

Hope you'll enjoy



My Bosphorus Ride arrived yesterday and I just love it, it sounds just GREAT !!! I did always only play paiste until hearing Jeff Hamiltons Bos ride live in Lucerne.
Here you have a picture of my SCS Birch custom Drumset for your Gallery ;-) You can see very well that I'm kind of Paiste-addict ;) you will also notice my very special left-handed set-up.
 Sizes are 14" Snare, 10"  Tom and 14" Floor Tom. The cymbals are (left to right) : Bosphorus 22" Hammer Ride, Paiste Formula 602 Joe Morello Hi-Hat, Paiste Traditionals 20" Thin Ride, very old Paiste Super Formula602 Crash, 20" Paiste Traditionals medium light swish. In the background my LP Tito Puente Timbales and a Zildjian K Custom 14" Fast Crash.

Andrew sent me a buncha pics:
left - right:
16" Paiste Signature Full Crash
14" Zildjian New Beat hats
10" Sabian Radia Splash
10" Paiste Bell (cut down 16" sound formula crash)
18" Paiste Signature Full Crash
8" Zildjian A Custom Splash
10" Zildjian A Custom Splash
18" Paiste 2002 Full Crash
20" Paiste Signature Dry Ride
20" Bosphorus Traditional China
19" Paiste Dark Energy Mark I
Everything sounds wonderful; the sig. full crashes shimmer with such a great tone, and complement the 2002. The 19" DE crash rounds out the quintet with a dark punch. It sounds beautiful on its own, but integrates perfectly with the brighter tones of my other cymbals. Thanks for fuelling my love affair with these awesome cymbals :)

Bob's updated his cymbal setup, and forwarded me a new pic of his Mehmets:

13" Vezir Hats (Best Hats in the world!!)
18" Vezir Crash Ride
20" Vezir Flat Ride
20" Traditional Cupless China


Don's kit is a Mapex Saturn series kit (4 plies of maple and 2 inner plies of walnut) in Mango-Burst. The snare is a 6x13 Black Panther maple with a Birdseye maple outer veneer.

The Bosphorus cymbals pictured are:
20" Masters Turk Ride
19" Turk Ride
20" Turk China
18" Turk Crash
13" Masters Turk Hi-Hats

Hans Gretsch anniversary sparkle kit from the late 50s is wrapped with an 21" Agop SE and some Old Ks.

Paul's got some lovely, lovely Tamas, flanked by some Meinl crashes, K splash, Bosphorus Versa Ride, and matching hats (not seen). 

Luis shows up his Bosphorus setup consisting of Masters hats and Ride, and a couple turks!

Lucas sent me this pic of his Tamas, and bronze - consisting of a Bosphorus Fat Hat, some Sabian HHXs, and a K Con Flat ride!

Lou writes:
I got the cymbal today, man is it sweet, and I cracked up at the prize. Thanks for all the cymbal help. Here's a pic for the site.
Specs: A mix of 1964 and '66 Ludwigs 22,12,14,16.
Cymbals are all Bos. The big kahuna 24" New Orleans, 15" Antique Hats, 20" Trad, and 20" Antique.

John reports:
Got the china!  Awesome!  I played it about 5 minutes and then took the label off! :-)  I played it some more and then had to take a picture of my set for you.    
 "Recognize the rug?  I've lost count of how many cymbals I've owned in my lifetime...easily over 200 ... and these are the BEST I've ever had.  They're all phenomenal cymbals.  ... You know! You played them!  Left to right, they are:
13" Antique Dark Hi Hats 776g / 931g (Really Nice!)
19" Masters Ride 1552g (Amazing!)
21" Antique Thin Ride 2140g (The best EVER!)
20" Trad China 1637g (Outstanding!)    
 Not pictured: 8" and 12" Trad Splashes that I use in my percussion set up.  The 12", in particular, is one of the best splashes I've heard! Thanks so much!"  

Jason's kit is decked out in Bosphorus bronze:

14 Masters Hats
20 Antique Ride
21 Antique Flat ride

Jarrod sends this pic of his gigging kit -

"It's a little Keller maple set with the Bosphorus 20 Versa Ride, 16, 17 & 8 Traditionals, and 14 Fat Hats. I love them all!"


Hey Tony,
It's Brett (the guy who bought the Fierce hats, and the Bosphorus Flat Ride), (which I LOVE by the way).
Heres My setup: DW Jazz Series w/ Green Glass Finish with Gold hardware
21" Sabian Prototype HH Ride
18" Bosphours Masters Turk Flat Ride
13" Jojo Mayer Fierce Hi-hats

Cheng sends this pic of him playing in Taiwan with "Dizzy Jazz" at the Asian Knights music Festival. He also expresses his thanks for his new 22" Masters Turk ride!

Alrighty, here's a picture of the new and improved beast!

It's a Gretsch Catalina Birch.

14" Sabian Paragon Hats
10" Sabian Paragon Splash
16" Sabian Paragon Crash
12" Sabian HHX Legacy Splash
18" Sabian HHX Xplosion Crash
14" Sabian Xs20 Hats
18" Sabian HHX Chinese
22" Sabian Paragon Ride

The new cymbals sound great! The china sounds very dry and has very little sustain which is what I was looking for. The crash is nice and bright and powerful.
Thanks again!



Hey Tony,

I got the Ufip 15's Today!  Thanks so much for the quick service, I got them much sooner that expected.  I'm loving these hats!  They're just what I expected they would be;  Like all my class series cymbals,
they are the perfect mix of blend and cut, if that makes any sense.
Also, they respond at any dynamic level... very nice indeed.  Also
since I noticed you don't have any Ufip's in your players gallery,
here's a photo of my set-up.

Left to Right
15" Class heavy hats
19" Class Thin Crash
20" Class light Ride
18" Rough series thin crash


Cliff, fellow Sonor freak, updated me with a pic of his most recent setup. I recognize that 8" bubba tom! :)

Hey Tony - here are a few pics to put in your gallery.  The cymbals sound amazing!  I am especially impressed with the hi-hats! I should have went to a lighter weight a long time ago.  Thanks for making the transaction easy.

Damian from Argentina sent me his thanks, and pics of his kit and his group playing. The cymbals are Istanbul Agop Signatures, Traditionals and 25th Anniversary!

Don shows off his new Sonor Designer "Greenies," as we call them, as well has his Bosphorus Masters Turks, and Sabian O-Zone.

Elie shares pics here of his Bosphorus Masters setup, which includes a mixture of normal Masters, and Masters Turks!

Here's a picture for your Gallery:
Its the corner of my office. Yep, they're all SABIANS. And I have more too, just couldn't fit 'em on the cymbal tree for the picture.


Helge, (my cymbal soul mate, and long lost brother at birth, from across the sea) makes me drool over this new, all Agop Sig kit:

14 Hats, 20 Flat Ride, 16 Crash, 20 Ride, 21 Ride, 20 Pang, 16 Crash . He says there's some drums in there too, but i can't find them. :)


Joachim writes:

"I've recieved the cymbals, and they sound AWESOME - just AWESOME. Really professional, and great! I'm sending you a picture of how it looks! I won't even use the cymbals for practice - only live! Thanks for great service - you will hear from me the next time I need new cymbals!"

I definitely think you should use them for practice too! :) tc


Jon sent me a way-cool shot for the gallery of his new K Cons:

'Here's my Yamaha Beech Custom Absolute Nouveau with my recently acquired KCONs.
14' Hats, 20' Medium Ride, 22' Light Ride and 20' Flat Ride'


My friend Jon snapped some new pics of his wood and metal:


The first one is a Yamaha Oak Custom in Amber Oak.
- 13"x4" brass piccolo snare w/ Nouveau lugs
- 10"x8" rack tom
- 14x14" floor tom
- 20"x17" bass drum
the bronze is all Bosphorus
- 13" Antique Crisp Hi-Hats
- 15" Traditional Medium Thin Crash
- 20" Versa Ride
- 17" Traditional Medium Thin Crash
The second one is 5ply Keller shells made by a friend of mine here in town.
- 13"x6.5" aluminum snare
- 10"x7.5" rack tom
- 14"x12" floor tom
- 18"x15" bass drum
 again, the bronze is all Bosphorus
- 14" Hammer Hi-Hats
- 19" Traditional Medium Ride
- 22" Hammer Ride
- 20" Pang Thang w/ rivets

Josiah sent me some great pics of his kit, which includes some Bosphorus Stanton Moores, among others!

Hi Tony!
I got my 22" Agop Signature Ride!
 I attached some pics for you and the gallery of course.
I love this beauty just like my other Agops. Being a 2173g light 22", it has a really mellow tone, a very woody stick definition and great trashy qualities. The ride sound is controlled and certainly adds a dry character to the mellow, dark wash. Though it wobbles like crazy when being played. It really complements one another! Should work so well with my piano trio for example!
Though Tony, I don`t think that this is the last Agop... =)
Thanks a bunch for your awesome service!

Hi Tony,
Just sending you a few snap shots. Drilled the cymbal out and fitted the rivets all went well. I have an 18 inch sabian chinese I saw Peter Erskine live playing a "swish knocker" sounded cool in a jazz setting so I thought I would give it a go on this cymbal although his is a 22"Zildjian. The result is good so I don't regret. Sending you a picture of my cymbal set up  which I photo-retouched !!

Thanks again!



I just finished playing a bit tonight and I wanted to tell you that after 8 and 5 months (Sig./ SE respectively) I still love these pies! Everything I always wanted and more! I lucked into a TW @ 2538 about 3 months ago and it too is wonderful, one of the family. Now as soon as I can decide between 14" or 15" Sig. hats, I'll finish off this collection. I've attached a pic for your viewing pleasure.

Thanks again and all the best!



Lukas set me a ton of pics, and I had a hard time picking which one to use. I think this one shows the setup very nicely.
jazz set:
21 empire ride or 21 se ride or 22 le 06 ride or  mostly 21 agop signature ride 
20 trash hit
18 dark crash
13 traditional pre spilt hi-hat

funk, rock-pop, electronic kit
same rides as above;
13 hi hat as above or 12 alchemy sweet hats
14 traditional china stacked with 10 sultan splash as x-hat
16 traditional thin crash
18 medium crash
20 trash hit
16 turk crash thin
10 bell
9 traditional splash stacked  with  6 traditional splash as trash hat  

Max shows off his new 21" Zildjian K Custom Special Dry ride in this pic.

He writes, "It sounds soooo good! I'm very happy! Once again, thank you for a wonderful cymbal!"


Peter writes:
I would be honored if you would show my kit along with other drummers' beautiful set-ups on your site.  This photo shows my K. Con's wrapped around my Gretsch New Classics (that's a mapex snare on there right now - awaiting my Gretsch G4168 eagerly!)  The cymbals, left to right are 20" medium-thin high ride (2025g), 18" crash (1240g), and 14" hi-hat top (865g) & 14" made in Canada A. Zildjian hi-hat bottom (1160g).  I won't bother describing the sound; all I will say is that I feel that these pies - along with anything by Bosphorus & Istanbul Agop of course - are the best in the world! 
Thanks for the inspiration.

Hi Tony - here's a picture that shows my new drumset, and of course, my lovely cymbals! These are just AMAZING! I'm sure you've already got hundreds of mails which says "thank you for wonderful cymbals" etc., and I will now do the same. Without you I might still have my old crappy cymbals! I am very grateful for your service, and your nice emails, and at last, THANK YOU!
Premier Artist Birch (12", 14", 16", 22"), Tama Starclassic 14"snare.
Cymbals: (from left to right):
- Sabian HHX Evolution 14" hihiat
- Sabian HHX Evolution 7" splash
- Zildjian A-Custom 16" Crash
- Sabian HHX Evolution 12" splash
- Zildjian LSR with 3 rivets 22" Ride
- Zildjian A-Custom 18" Crash - Thank you!  Preben

Rob sent me  some smashing pics of his new kit:

"Custom made by Dover Drum Works, this setup came from my need to work around a physical disability in which my right leg isn't very reliable and I also needed a kit that is easy to transport. The double hi-hat setup (The 14's are tight, the 12's are loose) allow me to compensate for lack of a hi-hat pedal, and the home-made remote bass drum pedal (hard to see in the pics, the right pedal footboard and stabilizer plate are taken off), lets me use my left foot on the bass but keep an otherwise right handed setup. The whole thing takes up roughly a 3 1/2' x 2 1/2' area and fits into 4 bags: Cymbal bag, a 14x18 Bass Bag for the 12x18 bass, throne top, and Piccolo tom, a 14x14 bag for the 8x14 floor tom and 6x13 snare, and an Adidas Duffle Bag for the hardware). The cymbals are the Antique 14" Bright Hats, 12" Reg/Dark, 10" Splash, 19" Thin Ride."