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bosphorus cymbals

sonor drums




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 I'd love to see YOUR pics, and I bet others would too, so please send 'em my way!

Greg writes: Hey, Tony,
The new Bul Agop Sig (three small and two large rivets) among all the Bosphorus Master Turks (and a lone O-zone splash coming up like a spring mushroom). The set of Bos is fantastic, because they are dry enough to allow the drums to sound more distinctly, but still remain musical.
This Istanbul is loaded with wash; there's enough dark rain to float the Arc at midnight. The rivets give a bright sizzle over the top of the dark wash. The cymbal is explosive, can easily be agitated by a brush, yet it remains controllable. It can be ridden with sticks to produce a wash of rain, crashes like powdered snow (particularly effective as a dark explosion at the end a descending roll of toms), and it provides an accent with a bed of sizzle when tapped, without adding the usual brighter tones a lathed cymbal. It is also a great change-up from the character from the rest of my cymbal set....Couldn't be better!

Bryce sent me this pic of his kit, and I couldn't resist putting it up on the site. I mean, so much dark, lushness, and earthy visuals and sonics! Great pic, Bryce - enjoy the cymbals!! Tony

Hey Tony!
So this weekend I was playing a casino and we had a rather long set break because of some promotion they had going to that night. I grabbed my phone and went to your site to see what new cymbals you had and check out the gallery page. I was excited to see you put my pic on page 3! I thought I should send you a pic with the whole set that I bought from you. 15, 21, and that amazing 23" SE that I ordered. I play these every gig and they just make my life easier.
Take care 

Hi Tony!
I received my cymbals
Perfectly packed and protected!

I simply love these cymbals, they are exactly what I was looking for: very thin with a significant amount of wash and wobbles!
And they are so easy to crash, there are no longer border between a crash and ride: it depends on how you play them

Here's a pic of my set (tama starclassic maple) with these beauties!
Thanks again Tony!

Hi Tony.

Here's a picture for the gallery showing the Master Vintage and a New Orleans crash.

Pictured are:
14" Master Vintage Hats
16" New Orleans Crash
22" MV Ride
20" MV Ride
18" MV Crash

The drums are Gretsch New Classics.

Thanks! Dave


Hi Tony,

Thought I'd send these along. I finally got a chance to photograph my new cymbal setup now that I got all the Meinl's put together. Left to right from behind the drums:

16" over 17" Dark Crash Stack
14" Extra Dry Hi Hats
16" Extra Dry Crash
21" Dark Flat Ride
18" Extra Dry Crash
22" Dark Heavy Bell Ride
20" Extra Dry Crash
The sound is amazing. I'm gonna have to get some recordings of these things.


Here's a photos from my last gig, featuring my new Traditional Bos.
I love those Bosphorus!
Thank you again!!!

Hi Tony -

Here's a pic of a kit that I built myself - I bought a 16" Istanbul crash and 14" hats from you about 4 years ago but on the kit in the pic are some 15" Bosphorus hats and a wide variety of other. I like ufips naturals if you couldn't tell. :) 

Thanks, Dennis


Hey Tony,

The 20 Mel Lewis Ride arrived today. Looks as stunning as she sounds... Thanks again!

I am very fond of it! The kit pictured is a Gretsch Catalina Maple, with mocca fade finish! :) the snare is also Gretsch, full range hammered brass shell - 6,5x14. 



Just wanted to let you know that the Istanbul's are AWESOME! I'm still in literal awe of the layers of sound (and so are the other band members). Incredible, indeed! I attached a pic of my DW's with the new bronze.
Thanks again Tony...I hope to give you as many referrals as I can!

Hi Tony:
Just wanted to share with you the cymbal set up for my kit. From left-to-right:

Bosphorus 14” Versa Hi Hat
Bosphorus 18” Antique Thin Crash
Paiste 18" Crystal Thin Crash
Bosphorus 10” Ferit Splash
Bosphorus 22” Antique Thin Ride
Meinl 18” Generation X Signal Crash/Klub Ride
Meinl 22” Byzance Jazz China Ride



Hi Tony-

 I included an attachment with a birdseye shot if my bronze. 

16 Agop traditonal light hats (best hats ever)
22 Agop Mel Lewis ride
24 "Kotroversial" ride by cymbal smith Craig Lauritsen
20 Agop traditonal light crash.

alright man, talk to you soon.

Hi Tony-

Here's a pretty good pic of my Tama starclassic Performer B/B with my new cymbals! Thanks!!

All Best


My Istanbul Traditional Crash's look great in the sun.

Left to right: 18" Heavy, 18" Dark, 16" Heavy, 16" Dark

Thanks Tony!

My "Jazz Super Fusion" setup:
Supple cymbals play well together! My three Bosphorus rides are a blast to play with my Evolution Crashes.

Pictured (L to R): 14" Evolution China; 14" HH hats, 21" Traditional; 16" Evolution Crash; 10" Evolution Splash; 22" New Oreans; 18"
Evolution Crash; 22" Master ; 18" HH China

If you could have told me even a year ago that I was going to round out my "fusion" kit with THREE jazz rides, I wouldn't have believed you.
But that's the thing about jazz, isn't it. It "lives in your sticks", and once you "have it", anything you touch pretty much pays for itself very quickly. Thanks for all!


Hi Tony -

The cymbal came in yesterday and I had the opportunity to play her for a dress rehearsal. She's perfect. As musical as anything and super vibey at lower volumes. I can't wait to spend more time getting to know her every nuance.

Thank you for everything!


My new Istanbul signature agop is now here. It sounds awfully pleasing! Love it! Thank you very much for a very smooth affair Tony!

The drums are a Gretsch new classic bop kit, Rogers dyna sonic snare, Masterwork custom 14" hats and Masterwork Legend 18" crash!
The new arrival mixes very well with the kit!



Hello Tony -

I hope you can use this pic of my kit on your site. Thanks for all your help!



Hi Tony -

Here's a pic for your site of my new Bosphorus cymbals!

Thanks, Pete


Hey Tony, 
the 22" is amazing and has found it's way as the main ride to my go to set for most stuff...
Thought i'd send you a pic of the current setup i use for my quintet... :)
The drums are 18X14, 14X12, 10X8 Bubinga stave with brass hardware. Snare is a 14X5.25 Curly Maple with black nickel. Yes thats a 20" Sabian Jia on the right. It's somehow made it's way into my signature sound. In a way i'm kind of glad they're not in production any more as they are kinda rare. But thats me being selfish... haha
The rest of the cymbal setup is 14" Bos Turk Bright hats, 20" Bos Turk Thin with two rivets!
- Poh

Hi Tony, I wanted to send you a new picture for the gallery:

16" Istanbul Light Hats
6" Istanbul Turk Bell w/ 4 rivets (loving it!)
20" Bosphorus Traditional Ride
21" Bosphorus New Orleans Ride on top of a 14" Masters Hi-Hat Top (ala Billy Ward)
20" Bosphorus Traditional China w/ 8 Rivets (the "Bacon Pan")
11" Bosphorus Traditional Splash

Thanks! Rob


Hi Tony-
Here's a pic for your site, of the  Bosphorus cymbals I bought from you a while back. They of course sound very nice with my new Sonor Hilite.

Thanks! Simon


I wanted to write back and thank you for your help with my ride cymbal questions. For now, I'm staying put... but I'm keeping your site bookmarked, as always. Here's a bird's eye view of my set, just for fun's sake. You're looking at the following cymbals, more or less clockwise:
14" Sabian HH Hi-hats
16" Paiste Signature Full Crash
16" K. Zildjian Istanbul (Intermediate Stamp)
7" Istanbul Traditional Mehmet splash
8" UFiP Class Splash
9" UFiP Class Splash
20" Sabian HH Ride
18" Meinl Byzance Jazz Crash
18" Sabian Radia China
9" Sabian Radia Nano Hats
18" K. Zildjian Constantinople w/rivets

Regards, Spencer


Hi Tony,

Been playing that new 22" Turk thin and really love it. Lots of tone colors. Thought I'd share my setup. The set is a Yamaha Oak Custom (not just for rokken guys) with a Noble and Cooley snare. The two Turks (22" and 20") and an old K with rivets that I like a lot. The hats are HHX Evo which I'd eventually like to swap out for something darker down the road :) After my bank account recovers. Thanks again! You're the best.


Hey Tony

Tim here, just got my new kit in so i thought id give you a pic with the cymbals i got from you on it!
They are
14" Zildjian Light Hi Hats
20" Bosphorus Turk Series Ride
16" Zildjian Dark Thin Crash
22" Bosphorus Masters Ride
16" Zildjian A Custom Fast Crash
22" Zildjian K Constantinople Over hammered Ride 18" Zildjian K Custom Session Crash

I'm sure ill be adding to this with some more Bosphorus hats and crashes soon!

The Kit is a Yamaha Stage Custom Bebop Kit

Hi Tony,
I finally have a photo worthy of your Gallery.
'64 Champagne Sparkle Ludwigs (20,12,14) with the following amazing Bosphorus cymbals:
- 13" Master Hi-Hats
- 17" Antique Paper Thin Crash
- 20" Antique Thin Ride
- 18" Master Crash
They're like silk and butter spun into pies!
Thanks always for your knowledge, assistance, and awesome selection of cymbals...

Victor sent me this pic of his Gretsch Renown Jazz kit. Cymbals from left to right are:

14 Meinl Extra Dry Hats, 20 Meinl Extra Dry Ride, and 20 Meinl Trad Thin Extra Hammered.

Thanks for the pic!


hey tony,
i'm absolutely loving the cymbals! the 26" is exactly what i envisioned in my head— truly amazing. i attached a photo so you could see the basic setup (l to r): 24" traditional with 2 rivets, 16" traditional hi-hats, 26" traditional, 24" traditional trash hit and 24" traditional with a cameo by my dog charlie.

thanks so much, vincent

Hi Tony-

Here's my kit:

Hihat: Zildjian Bronze Rock 14" (Old, but good)
Ride: Zildjian ZXT Rock 20" (Cheap, but heavy with a good bell)
Crash: Istanbul Trad Heavy 16" & 18", Dark 16" & 18" (Excellent)
China: Wuhan 20"

Drums: PDP FS Natural to burnt charcoal